Seven Brides Brewing

Lauren’s Pale Ale (LPA) - NW pale ale made with generous amounts of hops and enough crystal malt for a great balance. Good upfront hop aroma with a great hop taste that lingers. 5.5% alcohol ibu’s 50 color: 11 srm

Emily’s Ember - Very well balanced red ale with deep amber color, a caramel aroma and just enough hops to let you know they are there. 4.5% alcohol ibu’s 35 color: 15 srm

Oatmeal Ellie - This coffee-like beer will finish with the smooth taste of oatmeal. The strong oatmeal flavor should remind you of your breakfast bowl of oatmeal. Tastes much lighter that it looks, but has a complex flavor with a dry smooth finish. 4.5% alcohol ibu’s 30 color: 33 srm

Lil’s Pils - This traditional bohemian pilsner is light, crisp, and has a wonderful floral hop bouquet that balances the complex malty taste of the all German barley. 4.5% alcohol ibu’s 30 color: 5 srm