Persnickety Wines

Persnickety Pinot Noir is the brainchild of Oregon winemakers Steve Anderson and Steve Richards. With over 30 years of combined winemaking experience, these two guys set out to blend select lots of Pinot Noir from Oregon’s fantastic 2012 harvest. Their goal: to raise the bar. And THAT, they have DONE.

Using cooperage and storage from a Willamette Valley winery—where they coincidentally serve as winemakers—these “2 Clever Guys” have produced a Pinot Noir of uncompromising quality. It screams Oregon!

This wine also makes another statement. You don't have to spend $50 for a “really good” bottle of wine. Really good is now within range of the average wine drinker who wants to take the next step up without breaking the bank. It’s also a bargain for the aficionado.