Ordnance Brewing

With roots growing back to the early pioneers who cleared the land to grow fruit, corn, wheat and yes...hops, our founding partners come from a long line of Oregon farmers. Today, Ordnance Brewing is an outlier, a brewery out past the far edges of Pacific Northwest population centers, far from the region's corporate breweries and dense brewer communities - smack dab in the middle of a beer desert.  As such, there are no predetermined expectations, no unspoken rules or formulas to be accountable to.

Bloops Blueberry Wheat

Brewed with blueberries from our local farms, Bloops is a balanced wheat beer with just enough blueberry aroma and flavor to provide something delicious without being sweet and overly fruity. ABV: 4.6 IBU: 21


This ale in lager clothing is our take on an old German style. Of course we revamped the droll style with a little northwestern malt backbone. If you're looking for an easy drinking anytime beer, this one goes down smooth 
ABV: 5.5 IBU: 16

Rx PAle Ale

Pouring a light straw color, this ale gets its spicy flavor from a healthy dose of rye malt. The rye spice combines nicely with a Citra and Mosaic aroma present a beer that is perfect for day's end be it after work or a long day of outdoor pursuits. ABV: 5.6 IBU: 34


Western Europe meets West Coast in this ridiculously quaffable  IPA, Full Metal Jacket (FMJ). A fusion of new world hops are held together with a malty backbone reminiscent of a maltier English Style pale. This is a beer for relaxing, sharing or having on hand for pretty much any occasion. ABV: 6.6 IBU: 53


Our take on a West Coast IPA.   Crafted with generous additions of classic hops, including Mt. Hood and Columbus, at every step in the brewing process. While the hops are hard to miss, it is full of flavor, ranging from a light fruity sweetness to rich floral tones.  Add in a higher ABV and this is a hop bomb for sure. ​ABV: 7.8 IBU: 80+

Seasonal and specialty products available. Please see your GDI sales representative for a current list.