Leavenworth Brewing

Friesian Pilsener - Medium-bodied and pale golden in color, Friesian Pilsener won fame for its clean, dry malty flavor and very long, distinctive hop finish. This is a truly authentic rendition of the Friesian style Pilseners of northern Germany, with the emphasis squarely on hop flavor. No light weight beer, Friesian is a classic lager with robust flavor matching particularly well with many types of favorite Northwest foods. Our Friesian (pronounced Free-shun) ferments with a bottom-fermenting lager yeast at 55oF for 10 days. We then age (lager) this award-winning beer for at least 21 days. The results speak for themselves.

Eightmile Alt - A crisp rendition of the classic ales of Düsseldorf, Eightmile Alt is remarkably smooth and richly copper-hued. This is an ideal session bier, brewed to a gentle strength with one of the cleanest palates you’re likely to find. Lightly hopped and not too sweet, Eightmile Alt is bier for friends sharing the day’s adventures.

Dunkel - Blind Pig is an exceptional creation. This unfiltered dark wheat beer is medium-bodied and smooth with a gently sweet character. Notes of chocolate and caramel mingle with a cereal malt flavor contributed by additions of malted wheat. Other Northwestern examples of this classic American style are rare and few. Certainly none are as tasty. During the 1850’s, in Maine it was illegal to sell beer. Consequently, saloon keepers would charge admission to “see the blind pig.” Once inside, customers who had already paid to see the blind pig, would receive a “free” beer.

Whistling Pig Wheat Ale - Light-bodied and pale-amber in color, this authentic American-style Hefeweizen is fruity and refreshing with a malty wheat character. This is a crisp yet easy-going hefe with a touch of malt sweetness. Whistling Pig is unfiltered, with the classic cloudy appearance which characterizes the best Hefeweizens. That a hefe so authentic is brewed in the Great Pacific Northwest makes Whistling Pig all the more delightful. Whistle Pigs are marmots, small furry critters who live in the high country all around Leavenworth, WA, with especially high concentrations in nearby Whistling Pig Meadow.