Klamath Basin Brewing

The Klamath Basin brewery/brewpub is the only known brewing operation that uses geo-thermally heated water for the brewing process of making beer. What makes Klamath Basin Brewing Company unique is the water we use comes from the natural feed underground rivers that flow from the Cascade Mountain Range and the famous Crater Lake . This crystal clear mountain water is then heated by world renowned natural geo-thermal hot springs. The naturally earth heated hot water is added to the malted barley to extract the natural sugars from the grain. This barley is some of the finest malting barley in the world, that is grown right here in the Klamath Basin.

Crater Lake Amber Ale - This is Klamath Basin’s flagship beer, named for our nearby National Park. Have a cold draft, and you’ll find yourself thinking of clear, deep mountain lakes. We think its full flavors and aromas make it an Amber you can’t forget. It has strong malt flavors mingling with fine Northwest Cascade and Willamette hoptones. Drink this beer as a thirst quenching accompaniment to a meal, or let it stand alone for a truly complex and exciting experience for your taste buds. (2011 Award Winner)

6.0 % ABV 36 IBU’S

Bare Island Blonde Ale - Join the fishermen who circle Bare Island in Klamath Lake, who already know where to find a great catch. This beer is brewed for those who want the flavor of a microbrew, yet want to stay on the lighter side. The Vanguard hop characteristics of this ale are mild and refreshing, perfect for dissipating the heat on a cloudless summer day or taking the edge off the chill of a midwinter evening. Try this, and you’ll get caught too. (2011 Award Winner)

4.3% ABV 20 IBU’S

Drop Dead Red - Caramel and roasted malts impart the deep red hue and the toasty and nutty flavors to this unique ale. (2011 Award Winner)

5.9% ABV 52 IBU’S

Vanilla Porter - Vanilla dominates the flavor of this robust porter while chocolate and coffee flavors linger in the background. Brewed with a blend of vanilla beans, this delicious porter is sure to please even the most discerning beer connoisseur. So when the snow is drifting down, or you simply want to take a moment to enjoy one of life’s fine creations, relax and have a pint. But be careful. I’ll bet you can’t have just one! Now available in 22 oz. bottles.

6.7% ABV 40 IBU’s