Corona Extra

Corona delivers a unique fun, sun and beach state of mind. It is a brand that doesn't take itself too seriously or try too hard to impress. It is defined by a laid back image originally created by Corona consumers when it first became available in the U.S. and which remains the Brand's foundation today. Due in large measure to its very universal appeal, Corona has in recent years moved beyond the import category and has positioned itself as a formidable competitor against domestic beers as well.

Corona Extra is the #1 selling import in the U.S., the #1 selling beer in Mexico and the #1 selling Mexican beer in the world. Corona Extra is also the #6 selling beer overall in the U.S. with more than a 29% share of the import market. Average growth rate in the U.S. for the last 10 years (1998-2007) is 8.7%.