Atlas Cider

Hard Apple Cider

Our flagship apple cider is a celebration of the Northwest. Prominent notes of sweet apple aroma and taste come from freshly pressed Machintosh, Honey Crisp, and Cribbs Pink varieties. The sweetness is rounded out by the tart flavor from the Granny Smiths. An innovative touch of aronia berry gives a slightly dry finish complimenting the apple's tannins that are remininsant of English ciders. Check out and enjoy this natural, semi-sweet, and bold cider from Bend, OR

Gluten Free 5.8 % Abv

Hard Cherry Cider

The cherries that we select are naturally semi-sweet, well-bodied, and delicious. To enhance the flavor of the cherries, we blend in some additional tart granny smith apples giving the cider more structure and a slightly tart finish. Only natural flavors are used letting the local cherries shine in this ruby red blend. Its impossible not to visualize bushels of fresh picked cherries while savoring this perfectly balanced cider.

Gluten Free 5.8 % Abv